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Welcome to I'M:Board Skateboard Furniture

A world of skateboard furniture that doesn't shout - but speak for itself


When time flies by, everyone needs a place where time stands still...

Hi! I'm Board:Chair

Board:Chair is a handmade lounge chair made of 4 skateboard decks in sustainable bamboo composed with an ergonomically curved frame in Danish birchwood of high quality.

  • Born in Denmark in 2013.
  • Designed by Kasper Bugge Møller in 2004.
  • Measures: 77,5 x 62,9 x 80,5 (cm).
  • Materials: Sustainable bamboo / Danish Birchwood
  • Fabric: 100% wool of New Zealand
  • Made for relaxing and daydreaming

The transitions of the frame matches the beautiful curvatures of the skateboard, which together creates a timeless and classic expression with a modern twist.

The comfort and design are very high priorities, and the Board:Chair is both beautiful in its appearance and comfortable to sit in.

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about us


A world of skateboard furniture that doesn't shout, but speak for itself.

All of our furniture are designed and handmade with passion and care in Denmark in cooperation with professional Danish cabinet makers. We hand-pick the best materials for our production to secure a top quality on all of our designs.

The I’M:Board concept is based on our passion for traditional Danish design, natural materials and Scandinavian lifestyle.

Our main source of inspiration is found in the skateboard and its beautiful concave shape and smooth curvatures.

We hope you will enjoy.



Once upon a time, a young man turned his old used skateboard decks into a timeless comfy lounge-chair.

Board Chair

Kasper Bugge Møller has his roots in the Danish skateboard community since the 1980’s. He built his first ramp for skateboarding in the backyard of his parents house in 1988, and in the summer of 2001 he crafted his first piece of furniture made out of his own used skateboard decks.

The fundamental idea behind I'M:Board was found in 2004 when Kasper wanted to create an untraditional piece of furniture that reflected his own lifelong prediliction for the skateboard culture. He was inspired by Danish furniture classics and felt combining that with the beautiful concave shape of a skateboard was a perfect blend.

In 2012 Kasper wanted to take his idea to the next level. In cooperation with like-minded ambitious souls and Danish cabinet makers the concept became a reality. Board:Chair is now regarded as one of the most innovative interpretations of classic Danish furniture design - with its Danish birchwood, sustainable bamboo and durable wool. Board:Chair is not just a piece of furniture - its a statement.

I’M:Board will continue to expand our range of products with new skateboard furniture. Stay tuned!

I'M:Board - are you?

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